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Over the years I have always loved hearing stories about persistent people – those who just won’t let a “no” stop them from achieving their dreams. I loved hearing about Walt Disney who was turned down by over 300 banks. Then there was Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, co-authors of Chicken Soup for The Soul who were turned down by 33 publishers. And, of course there was Thomas Edison who went bankrupt 25 times and still managed to invent the lightbulb. He was famous for quoting “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

COVID-19 Inspired Idea

In 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, my contract recruiting hours were reduced – this gave me lots of time to think. Thinking can sometimes be dangerous, but in this case, it led me to an idea. What if I could interview persistent people who wouldn’t take no for an answer and share their stories with the world? And that’s how the Persistent Preneurs Show was born.

Absolutely Abby

Absolutely Abby

Your Host for The Persistent Preneurs Show

Episode #04

Do you have your own computer at home? My fourth episode of Persistent Preneurs showcases Brad Johnston, one of the co-founders of Tanoshi, whose mission is straightforward – to provide a brighter future for ALL kids. Tanoshi, meaning fun in Japanese, was founded to help level the playing field and give every child a more equal opportunity for future success. Twelve million children in America and 800 million worldwide cannot learn online because they do not have a computer at home.

Brad, the CEO, and his team believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop 21st Century computer skills needed to excel in today’s school environment, such as typing, familiarity with common productivity apps and coding. However, kids from lower income households and school districts, do not have the same opportunities as those from more affluent families and school districts. The Tanoshi 2-in-1 helps to bridge that digital divide gap by offering families with a fun, age appropriate, educational, and affordable device to learn computer skills and help kids complete their school assignments.

Tanoshi especially hopes to inspire more girls and others underrepresented in the tech space to want to develop and utilize computer science skills. On Shark Tank season 11, Daymond John made an offer that Tahoshi couldn’t refuse. Daymond believes in the social mission Tanoshi was founded upon especially since he himself “clawed his way up the ladder of success”. The biggest challenge Brad has at the moment is keeping their computers in stock, a great problem to have.

“The experience was a roller coaster! Getting to pitch Daymond and the other Sharks was a dream come true and we could not be happier. We know we are doing something important and it is validating to have someone like Daymond commit to investing in our cause-driven company.”

Brad Johnston

Co-founder and CEO, Tanoshi

Please join me Thursday, July 9th as Brad shares his story and teaches us how he kept himself motivated on the days when it was much easier to quit. His persistence is inspirational and his mission is incredible. If you are a job seeker in search of your next job or an entrepreneur in search of your American Dream, you won’t want to miss this fourth episode of Persistent Preneurs.

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