Abby Kohut was delivered into the entrepreneurial world by a small business owning mother who inspired her to reach for the stars. At a young age, she hosted carnivals in her driveway and haunted houses in her apartment and always had much bigger dreams. Hailing from the recruiting industry in 2009, Abby saw an opportunity to launch, a website that taught job seekers the Absolute truth about the job search process. In the past 25 years, Abby has held corporate recruiting positions in a variety of industries and is responsible for helping 10,000 people get hired. Abby is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine and is known as "Ask Abby" on LinkedIn. In 2012, Abby resigned from her lucrative recruiting job to drive around the US in an RV in order to educate one million job seekers. Her job search adventures were covered by several nationwide TV and radio networks including: CNBC, Fox 5, Sirius XM, NBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg Radio, and LinkedIn. Abby has always been fascinated with other entrepreneurial stories, especially about people who have overcome tremendous odds. She is thrilled to now be using her skills to recruit and then interview her fellow entrepreneurs.